Reports say 128 Chinese soldiers were killed during Galwan clash

China provoking India despite the Coronavirus pandemic made news headlines all over the world and diverted many countries' attention to Galwan border in Ladakh. Chinese soldiers during their patrol tried to capture Indian territory piece-by-piece without India's attention. Indian soldiers came to realize the fact and asked the Chinese troops to move away from India's territory.  Colonel B Santhosh Babu, who was monitoring this process, noticed that a Chinese camp was still existing in the area, he went to get it removed.

This soon led to fisticuffs and blows being exchanged, resulting in deaths and injuries.soldiers found Chinese tents being built on the Indian territory. This has resulted in a fistfight and clash between the troops in the border. Chinese troops came prepared for the clash and have used bats fitted with nails, clubs, sticks, and stones to attack the Indian army. Indian soldiers were not carrying any weapons or guns as per the drill followed by both sides in the border areas to avoid inadvertent escalation by opening fire.

India had lost 20 soldiers in the clash while China remained silent and had not released an official statement so far. Top Indian officials say that the reason China did not release an official statement is that they had lost far more soldiers than India. Many reports and news agencies state that China has lost about 128 of its soldiers in the Galwan clash. This would cause a major setback to China after losing more soldiers. Earlier some reports said China had lost about 41 soldiers. But the latest report shows these numbers are far less than the actual deaths.

On Thursday, India army have deployed more troops to the border to handle any type of actions from China. The highway to Leh via Manali was today full of Army convoys heading towards Ladakh. These convoys included several dozen vehicles towing artillery guns. Sources say the M-777 light howitzers which were recently inducted into the Army have also been stationed at forward locations in Ladakh.

The Army has already pushed ahead several brigades and engineer regiments into Ladakh from peace time locations in Punjab and Himachal Pradesh. By one estimates there are already two divisions worth of troops deployed in eastern Ladakh by now and more would follow.

PM Narendra Modi had said on all-party meeting that any type of actions from China will not tolerated and currently no land is in China's custody. Also, PM had mentioned that martyrs of Indian soldiers would not be in vain.