Ex NDA minister from Kerala trying to negotiate at the Center on behalf of KP Yohannan after the ED raid: Reports

Ex NDA minister from Kerala trying to negotiate at the Center for KP Yohanan after the ED raid: Reports

Michael (The Jaihind Express Web Desk)

The news about the confiscation of black and demonetized money in the Believer's Church run by KP Yohanan has surfaced on the internet last week. Now many reports suggest that an Ex-minister in the previous NDA government from Kerala is in negotiation talks with the Ministry of Home Affairs in the center. The minister is said to convey a message to the center that the black money trade and the use of demonetized money in the firm were undertaken by his employees without the knowledge of KP Yohanan who is now in USA and that KP Yohanan is not guilty in this concern. 

However, it is evident that these illegal activities were taken place in a clear direction and on behalf of KP Yohanan, founder of Believer's Church. The ED had conducted raid in his offices in Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Karnataka, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Telangana, last week. Income Tax found that he floated more than 30 trusts and even deposited money in Kolkata based shell firms for money swindling. There were many allegations against KP Yohanan for misusing funds for the poor for his personal real-estate, forced religion change, and other personal endeavors. There are also concerns existing among the people on why the ruling and opposition parties remain silent after crores of Rupees of Hawala and demonetized money was confiscated from Believer's Church. The opposition party leader Ramesh Chennithala is found to conduct press meetings every day to criticize the ruling party and Bineesh Kodiyeri but found not to utter any comments on anything in connection with KP Yohannan and Believer's Church. This has raised many suspicions in the state.